Free Help to Stop Smoking

One of the foremost common reasons to deny stop smoking is the price of the stop smoking aids. Several smokers use silly excuses like what it costs to use the stop smoking merchandise, the price of the optical device or treatment therapies, as well as the price of behavior treatment.

Well, we’ve news for you – you’ll be able to receive free advice to prevent smoking.

The first free facility to prevent smoking resource is in fact the net. There are many articles dedicated to stopping smoking  all giving free recommendation, tips, and techniques. on-line discussion teams dedicated to stopping smoking.

These teams are attended by individuals a bit like you – all making an attempt laborious to stop smoking fully, sharing their issues and tricks for overcoming their nasty smoking habits. Believe it or not, you wish this sort of support far more than high-ticket medications or psychotherapy programs with noted shrinks.

The second free facility to prevent smoking you’ll be able to do, is simply outside your flat or home. Join A sports group, you’ll not grasp however those who boost their lives with additional sports are less probably to start out smoking in any respect. On the opposite hand, smokers UN agency introduce sports to their modus vivendi are additional probably to prevent smoking. Sport helps deal with the stop symptoms and also the cravings. Even smokers UN agency don’t seem to be trying to quit smoking confess that when a session at the gymnasium they merely don’t need a roll of tobacco.

The beauty of sports is that you just don’t got to move to a chic gymnasium, nor attend a expensive fitness program. The parks and walking sideways are free for everyone thus you’ll be able to begin with long walks or daily cardiopulmonary exercise sessions. attempt to play the weekends outside, notwithstanding this outside is that the near  park.

Finally, the last free facility to prevent smoking; it’s merely this. you’ll be able to get most free facilities to prevent smoking from yourself. After all, the total stop method depends on your determination and motivation. If you feel unsure that you  need to quit, you will show a weakness and a lack of  serious desire, than nothing will assist you.

smoking CessationSince you don’t have a magic wand, simply work closely on your character, life routines and habits. you’ll soon discover that your smoking addiction will try to go along with your modus vivendi than with you in person. If necessary amend your daily habits and stop visiting the places where you’ll be able to (or that prompt you to) smoke. rather than going to a night club along with your smokers friends, relish a walk n the park along with your mother or a friend; substitute your morning low with tea, etc.

There are actually additional  attention-grabbing free-help-to-stop-smoking tips out there – simply browse  online or raise your ex-smoker friends.

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Most people understand all the potential health hazards associated with smoking. But aside from the known suspects like cancer, it can also be a contributer to a snoring problem.

Smokers have a high likelihood of being snorers as well. Smoking causes some swelling in the  nose and throat tissue, as well as damaging the lungs. Nicotine can also create  disruptions in sleep patterns that can and will potentially contribute to snoring.

A group of European researchers studied snoring in a group of smokers between 25 and 55 . They studied around 15,000 people from five different countries to see if they could find a link between smoking and snoring.

Out of the study group, 24% of the people who currently smoked and 20% of the people who smoked in the past suffered from snoring problems. This was compared to 14% of the people who did not smoke. One of the finding’s was that the more a person smoked, the louder the snoring.

Second-hand smoke also created a higher likelihood of snoring. 20% of the people who lived with someone who smoked also snored.

One other interesting fact they discovered was that more men smoked but the female smokers had a higher chance of snoring.

So what is the correlation between smoking that leads to snoring problems? No one has come up with a definitive answer to that question, but one of the theories is that the irritation to the airways caused by smoking leads to problem breathing, which in turn leads to snoring.

Another theory is that the body goes through nicotine withdrawal while sleeping, which disturbs the sleeping pattern. This disturbance adds to the snoring problem.

So you can add another reason for quitting smoking. It Not only  damages your health and your body, it can lead to snoring problems which will lead to drowsiness, irritability and stress (in both you and your family).


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So you want to be a millionaire? If you smoke or are thinking about it – I will give you at least $1 million reasons not to start. For the sake of the exercise, I’ll use myself as an example. Having been a smoker for over 20 years and enjoyed it. It wasn’t until I finally understood about the health risks to me, my family and the phenomenal costs that I finally decided to stop smoking.

You all know or should know about the health risks and I will not rehash it. What I want to talk to you about is the financial impact. I smoked 2 packs of cigarettes per day and on a good Friday night out on the town it could sometimes be as much as 3 packs.

Ok.. here it comes. Two packs of cigarettes per day at an average cost of $3.50 per pack multiplied by seven days equals $50.00 per week or $3000.00 for one year. Now lets take a young person who at age 18 who starts to smoke and lets also assume they were to stop at age 65 on retirement which is 47 years. 47 years x $3000.00 = $141,000.00 spent on cigarettes at todays prices.

Now a hundred and forty thousand dollars is in itself not enough to make you rich but you could buy some pretty nice stuff for that amount. The magic ingredient is a thing called compound interest. Assuming that instead of smoking – You took that same two packs per day or seven dollars and invested it in a mutual fund. Let’s do another assumption, that you invested it in an index mutual fund which over the lifetime of the stock market has averaged 10% per year. After 47 years you would retire with $2,730,489.02. That almost $3 Million dollars. What more  incentive do you need to not smoke?

What about the rest of us who have smoked for 20 plus years? A person who quit at age 40 under the same scenario who save $282,615.51. Now that’s not a million dollars but it would still buy a very nice home. What is  more astounding is that these figures are based on today’s prices and don’t even account for inflation over the same amount of time.

Even if you are not interested in investing the money saved from smoking then think about this: $2555.00 applied one time each year to a $200,000.00 mortgage would cut 10 years off of a 30 year loan. You would have your home off paid off in one-third the time.

The bottom line: If your health and family aren’t enough to make you stop smoking – Think about why you are not living next door to someone famous. This should give you food for thought about all the extras in life you are getting by giving up smoking.

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 If you want to quit on.


We all know the remedies to lose weight and to quit smoking like good eating habits, exercise .Yet we cannot help ourselves although we desire it.

Have confidence: If you can believe yourself then you have already won half of the battle. Try to re- picture your days when you have proven to yourself that  you have the  willpower. The only thing that you need is to boost up your spirits again.


Deep breathing is great for the beginners to quit smoking. Try it for 3 to 5 minutes each day. Fancy a scene that you have turned down the cigarette offered by someone.

If you are comfortable quitting all of them rapidly then go for it otherwise does it other way round. Plan the number of cigarettes you will smoke each day until your final day. Try to reduce its number each day. or change your brand. This way you will stop enjoying smoking.


To quit smoking-Tobacco – Is Not A Consumer Product


Tobacco is being promoted and projected as a consumer product. Not being aware of the harmful effects of tobacco, the young generation is sucked into believing that it is fashionable to smoke. At an influential age, the youngsters lap up every advertisement targeted at them and take to smoking without realizing the ill effects waiting to consume them.  For that matter, you may call tobacco a “consumer product”, because it “consumes” your health and even your life, if you are not that lucky.

Tobacco is among the few anti-health products that are legally allowed to be sold as consumer products. Such is the impact of the bombardment of cigarette smoking advertisements that the warning label on every cigarette pack is overlooked. It is the ‘it-can-never-happen-to-me’ attitude coupled with the social acceptance attached to smoking, which is the undoing of most smokers.

People may argue that despite the fact that drugs are banned, and their availability at prohibitive prices drug trade continues to flourish. The counter to such arguments is what could have been the situation today had the consumption of drugs not been illegalized. We may have had to confront a situation where every household had a drug addict or two.

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